2019 Speed Sign Campaign

Safer71 is partnering with TxDOT and Travis County to implement additional radar speed signs at the most dangerous areas of SH71.

These signs are highly effective in having people take that extra moment to slow down, particularly for drivers using the roads who are not local to the area and are unaware of its dangers.

Also, because they operate 24x7x365 they can help to notify drivers of their speed and bring attention back to the road if they are distracted.

To accelerate the implementation of these, Safer71 is looking to raise $45,000 that will cover 4 signs and their maintenance for the two years.  

TxDOT will assist with the right of way process for permitting and Travis County will assist with installation and maintenance.

These signs will also collect vital traffic count data which can be used to help with future planning on our roads.

Together we can save lives on 71!

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