Safer 71 is a non-profit organization focused on ensuring a zero fatality road corridor on SH71 between Southwest Parkway and the Marble Falls in Western Travis County and Burnet County, Texas.

SH71 has a long history of fatal accidents.  Every day residents face excessive risk on a road that has failed to provide the safety needs the community deserves.

With many new communities, schools, sporting areas, and commercial centers opening along this corridor in the next 5 years, the local population, and traffic counts, will grow exponentially.

Safer 71 aims to provide the necessary advocacy, research, and programs to ensure that local and state government bodies deliver the safest possible highway possible.

Our charter focuses on the three key solutions area:  Engineering, Enforcement, and Education.



We seek a road engineered to meet the safety and capacity needs of Travis County residents and commuters on SH71.

This includes:

  • Appropriate speed limits through areas adjacent to neighborhoods and schools

  • Improved signage, lighting and technologies to inform motorists of dangers

  • Addition of medians, barriers, and dividers to guide traffic flow

  • Addition of lights at major intersections

  • Improved maintenance and cleanliness of roads


We seek more comprehensive enforcement strategies covering commercial and non-commercial traffic, speeding, dangerous and reckless driving, distracted driving, and DWI.

This includes:

  • Increased law enforcement presence

  • Increased enforcement of reckless driving, tailgating, and distracted driving

  • Higher fines in known danger areas

  • No refusal for DWI testing

  • Higher prosecution rates for serious offences

  • New laws where needed to support adequate resources and safety solutions


We see the need for broad educational programs, not just for motorists, but also for law enforcement and emergency response to increase the ability for prosecution of offenders and improve the chance to save lives when accidents do occur.

This includes:

  • Training for law enforcement to ensure all standards are met for successful prosecution

  • Training on latest medical and emergency techniques to improve response times and law enforcement performance in emergency situations

  • Local neighborhood training programs for new drivers on defensive driving 

  • Local training programs for drivers new to Texas

  • Local awareness programs and signage to promote safe driving habits